Most Popular Shopping Destinations In Kolkata One Cannot Miss At All

Jan 9, 2017

Once the capital of India, Kolkata; is the cheapest metropolitan city in the country. Having a close proximity to the sea, it serves as a gateway from the eastern side, to the overseas traders. Some of the shopping arcades in this cosmopolitan city were built by the British East India Company and thus Kolkata happens to have some of the age old shopping locals in the country.

Owing to its cheap economy, it is an absolute delight to do a wholesome shopping in Kolkata. During street shopping in Kolkata, arguing with the street hawkers, or the store owners of shopping complexes, always fetch the best of bargains for anyone.

While shopping in Kolkata, people get overwhelmed to see the varied stocks they get even in the street side shop which can give a tough competition to any high end brand. Here are the best shopping places in Kolkata which must be visited by any shopaholic:

  1. New Market

To start with the best shopping places in Kolkata, the first name that comes across, if asked to any Kolkatan; is obviously the very old and Victorian complex named the New Market. It is also called the Hogg’s Market.

With over 2000 stores people are pampered with a wide range of highly fashionable garments, electronics, shoes, confectionaries and rare cheeses, exotic flowers; a lot many things. Talking about some of the iconic shops that are there since 1900’s; we need consider the iconic Jewish confectioners Nahoum & Sons, famous for delicious rich plum cakes, brownies, macaroons, pastries and marzipans. For exquisite saris and other rich indigenous apparels there is the Bombay Silk House, Dayaram & Co and Ghanashyam.


Image courtesy: Wikimedia commons

One can always bargain to your heart’s content and get the best deal for oneself no matter what they intent to get. Located on Lindsay Street just off to the Chowringhee Road; New Market will always top the hit-list of all shopaholics whether foreigners or the local people.

  1. Chowringhee Footpath Market

The Chowringhee footpath market is one of a kind and one of the best options speaking of street shopping in Kolkata. Stretching from New Market to Park Street, one will find numerous hawkers and vendors lined up along the footpath with articles that will definitely not skip one’s sight. Whether needed or not one would definitely pause by the footpath vendors and spend a few couple of minutes going through the tacky lot of items displayed. This is a place to find some really great terracotta wall plaques, typical to Kolkata culture or say the Eastern India culture; that are extensively used as home décor.


Image courtesy: Wikimedia commons    

  1. Gariahat Market In South Kolkata

The second most popular shopping destination is the Gariahat market area of South Kolkata. This is a unique place stretching along a massive area having famous restaurants and showrooms of top notch brands apart from endless stores of clothing, accessories, electronics, and whatever one can imagine having. Mukti World mall, Gariahat AC market and Gariahat mall, are some of the unique stoppages at this place which offer fixed rate shopping just like the American way! This bazaar area just like New Market, offers you a wide range of goods that too at an economic and reasonable rate. It is a bargainer’s paradise. It is a real interesting sight for anyone to watch how the clever customers outplay cunning hawkers who try charging the former too much.


Image courtesy: Wikimedia commons

Once done with the shopping people can indulge in some sinful delights like the phuchkas, rolls, cutlets, chops, ghugni, and many other typical Kolkata street foods. If you aren’t a street food person, then there are great eateries and Chinese restaurants at every corner of this place.

  1. Hatibagan Market In North Kolkata

Away from the posh and sophistication of South Kolkata, the Hatibagan area of North Kolkata is not at all something to miss out at any cost. It gives you the very traditional touch of the city that bears the greatest cultural heritage in India. Although initially it was more famous as the pet business area, gradually it started flourishing with endless stores and roadside stalls coming up with authentic traditional as well as fanciful garments, various kinds of jewellery, shoes, and so on; catering to the taste and preferences of the residents of North Kolkata who still now happens to like traditional stuffs than fusion ones.


Image Courtesy: Wikimedia commons

  1. Burra Bazzar Wholesale Market

The age old Burra Bazzar is predominantly a wholesale market area. Whether it is the garments or jewellery, industrial raw material or vegetables and fruits; people throng here to get the best possible deal in the city. Whole-sellers, retailers and various merchants come together here and carry out deals with their goods.


Image courtesy: Wikimedia commons

It is not a matter of recent times, this place has been there as the prime junction of trade and commerce in Kolkata since the pre-independence era. This place still now catches attention of tourists with its old look. The pic below shows the burra bazzar that used to prevail in 1945. Even now it stands as one of the major wholesale markets of the country.


Image courtesy: Wikimedia commons

  1. College Street

With most of the major universities and post-graduation colleges, the College Street happens to be the ultimate heaven for people who want to buy books; loads and loads of them. This place is like the hub of books, magazines and other publications in the city. People who love reading and want to grab as many books as possible to pile up their shelves, nothing can be better than this place. Many of us are not capable of buying the first hand, first editions of expensive publications. For them, this place provides with second hand and duplicate editions at peanuts cost.


Image courtesy: Flicker

  1. K. Market

When it comes to cheap yet fashionable chunky jewellery, then the B. K. Market near the Shakespeare Sarani or Theatre Road; is the ultimate place to be. This market avail its supply of fashionable chunky and heavy jewellery from Bangkok, and that’s why one gets cheap economic rates of these amazing pieces.


Image courtesy: Wikimedia commons

It hasn’t been too long that the mall culture has popped up in Kolkata. Yet there are already quiet a number of shopping malls which are great places to shop in Kolkata. Following are the famous shopping malls which are just unavoidable while speaking of places to shop in Kolkata.

  1. C. Market: The First Ever Shopping Mall In Kolkata

Talking about the shopping malls in Kolkata, the A.C. Market happens to be Kolkata’s first ever shopping mall. Situated on Shakespeare Sarani or Theatre Road, it is an air-conditioned multi-storied shopping plaza in the city.

  1. South City Mall

Located on the Prince Anwar Shah Road, and inaugurated by none other than Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan; South City Mall happens to be one of the most popular shopping malls in Kolkata. One will find all the popular high end brands stores under one roof in this particular mall.


Image Courtesy: Wikimedia commons

  1. Quest Mall

Shoppers’ reviews quote this mall as the most high end shopping mall in Kolkata. This is of course one of the best shopping places in Kolkata with great collection and ambience.


Image Courtesy: Wikimedia commons

  1. City Centre Shopping Mall of the Forum Chain

Situated at the Salt Lake township, City Centre; is a twin mall of the Forum chain and has multiple outlets throughout the city. It is a prime spot where many school and college students come to have a gala time, bunking their classes.

  1. Avani Riverside Mall

Not exactly in the city, this riverside shopping mall is in Hoogly near Kolkata. With quite a number of high end brand stores, cinema theatre and restaurants; this shopping mall has earned a special place among the shopaholics.


Image courtesy: Wikimedia commons


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