Nigerian Police Peveals New Scam Method Fraudsters Are Now Using To Defraud People

The Kwara state commissioner of police, Olusola Amore, on Friday, March 3, revealed the new ways internet scammers have found to start defrauding people.

In a statement made available by the
command’s Public Relations Officer, Ajayi
Okasanmi, the commissioner of police revealed
that, the fraudsters’ earlier scam of sending out
text messages to people claiming that their
Bank Verification Number (BVN) had been
deactivated was no longer effective, hence their
new strategy.

Kwara state Commissioner of Police, Olusola Amore

He said the new tactics by the fraudsters is to
send an e-mail to people’s phones as if it
emanated from their bank’s e-mail service.

He added that the fraudsters would inform
their victims that N7,000 or more had been
debited from their account as subscription fee
for the bank’s monthly digest magazine and
that the charges would be deducted monthly.

Amore said: “Once the link is clicked on, a page
will open where the bank details and Automated
Teller Machine information of the victim is
required. If the information is provided, they are
able to gain access into the victim’s personal
account.The command is therefore using this
medium to alert members of the public on this
new scam method so as to guide against falling
victim. The safety of lives and property of
residents of Kwara State is paramount to the
command, hence, people are advised to be more


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