Omg! 18-Year-Old Boy Disowned By His Mother For Behaving Like Bobrisky… So Outrageous!

An angry mother who does not approve of his son’s lifestyle has disowned him for making up like a woman.

Jauan Durbin said he was disowned by the mother

A man identified as Jauan Durbin, 18, has revealed that his mother has disowned him after discovering he wears makeup. Durbin is known to behave and apply makeup to his face like a Nigerian man named Bobrisky who also wears female clothes.

The Morehouse College freshman tweeted out a screenshot of a text conversation with his mom where she expressed her extreme disappointment with his choices.

“I do not approve of this bullshyt,” she wrote. “[What the hell] is wrong with you? I am so disappointed. You are a male. [Why the hell] do you have on eyelashes, eyebrows and makeup? I’m completely done.”

Jauan responded back with a firm “OK”, but he captioned the tweet with this:
“This hurts. It really does. But I’m going to live my truth until the day I die.”
Since making the post on Saturday, Jauan’s tweet has been retweeted over 5,000 times and liked by more than 14,000 people.
While there’s been tons of support for the young man, unfortunately there are those who agree with his mother and, worse still, those who have mocked him. Jauan and his mother have not communicated since she discovered the viral tweet.
“I believe that my mom will come around eventually,” he said. “I didn’t do this to upset my mom. Throughout the whole process I’ve tried to take myself out of the process figuratively because there’s people that see themselves in me and I want the message to go out to children that it’s okay to be you and you shouldn’t change who you are for anyone.”
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