Latest: Are You Scared After Sending The Wrong Message To Your Bae? Now You Can Undo Your Sent Message On Whatsapp | See Cheat Here!

Sent the wrong message to your girlfriend on WhatsApp? Don’t worry, now you can revoke the same message. Trust me; this feature is going to save tonnes of lives.

There are many other new features being added in the new app like Google translate, formatting shortcuts, and finally the most wanted- revoke feature.

Android users with Android version 7.0+ can already see the translated text through the Google translate installed on the phone.

Formatting shortcuts

The new feature also brings the formatting shortcuts like Bold, Italics, Strike.

How to access the option?

In order to access the formatting option, the user needs to long press on the text field. This feature is available in the WhatsApp beta (Android) update version 2.17.148.

Now, about WhatsApp revoke feature

The revoke update was available on WhatsApp Web 0.2.4077 but it was later on withdrawn from WhatsApp. But now seeing the entry of this revoke feature, the users are expecting it to arrive soon.

As of now, all the features are available in beta stage and nobody knows when the stable version will get this

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