7 things you need to become a First Class student

We all want to excel. Not just for the perks of being able get more lucrative or better jobs, but for the feeling of confidence and achievement that comes with graduating with the best marks.

Sure, achieving a First Class is never an easy road, but it is very doable with the right mindset.

TheNation interviewed a few students who graduated with a First Class all around Nigeria and they share their major tips.

1. Surround Yourself With Success

Salami Blessing, who is a first class graduate of Chemical Engineering from Covenant University said, “…I was surrounded by highly inspiring intellectuals who had strong academic focus. I became like them as I watched them.”

2. Believe In Yourself

Ayodele Dada who graduated with a first class and a 5.0 CGPA from UNILAG said, “I have a belief that to be the best, one has to be the best each day, and from one day to the next, that best would keep accumulating. You should be flexible also; the trick is to know yourself and what works for you regardless of what others are doing.”


Daniel Dada Ayodeleplay
Daniel Dada Ayodele

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3. Do What Works For You

Dada also said you should figure out a study plan that works for you and follow it. “I didn’t have a fixed number of hours for reading. I know some people used to intimidate me when they say they read for eight hours. I used to go and watch movies. I listened to music and even attended birthday parties. The smartest people are those who understand their strength, so it is important to discover yourself and stick to it,” he explained.

4. Don’t Bore Your Lecturers

Dada emphasized the importance of keeping your lecturers captivated with your work. According to him, “if a lecturer is bored while marking your script your grade would be boring. This phrase sounds funny but it carries a lot of weight.”

5. Dedicate Yourself

Abdulraouf Rilwan, a first class graduate from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa who studied Geology had this advice:

“I understood what each lecturer wanted for anyone to pass their course; I took my assignments seriously; I never missed any lecture; I didn’t see any test assignment or mark as insignificant; I usually read ahead of the class; I read journals and other materials that is related to Geology… I did aim for 100 per cent in all my courses and prayed very well.”


The importance of educationplay

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6. Use Your Time Well

Bolarinwa Olawale, the best graduate of Adekunle Ajasin Univerisity wants you to make good use of your time. She said, “I didn’t do anything special other than making good use of my time and with determination, I used to read before and after my lectures.”

7. Never Settle For Mediocre

Olawale also urged that students should always have their eyes on the prize. “When I go to school, I decided never to settle for anything less than A in all my courses, and that really helped me,” he said.

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