MUST READ: What To Do When Someone Swallows Poison… See Best Solution! Not Onions Nor Palm Oil!

When a child or an adult swallows poison accidentally, fast action must be taken to prevent serious damage to the body or death. Poisoning is a medical emergency and one that requires prompt attention.

Many children and adults die from swallowing poisonous substances. Some of the common poisonous substances include:

Bleach and detergent

  • Kerosene, petrol and gasoline
  • Lye
  • Rat poison
  • Over-dose of any kind of medicine
  • Insecticides
  • Spoiled food and poisonous leaves or fruits


When someone around you has swallowed poison, act immediately. Make arrangements for the person to be taken to the hospital but meanwhile, do the following:

  • If the person is unconscious but breathing normally, make him/her lie on the sides and open and clear his/her airway
  • If the person is conscious, dilute the poison in the stomach by giving the person plenty of milk or water (at least two glasses). For a child under five, give a glass every fifteen minutes
  • If the person swallowed strong acids, corrosive substances like lye, kerosene or petrol, do NOT make the person vomit. Instead, dilute the poison by giving milk or water.
  • If poisoning is from other substances and the person is fully conscious, then try to make him/her vomit. If the person is asleep or convulsing, do NOT induce vomiting
  • Give several glasses of water
  • After the person has vomited, give two to four glasses of milk
  • If the person feels cold, cover him/her but avoid too much heat

I have read from health practitioners and health journals that it is not advisable to give palmoil as most people erroneously believe palmoil is d natural antidote for poison swallowed. It rather worsens d situation. Milk is d best to give when someone swallows poison or any poisonous o harsh chemical


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