This $130,000 self-deploying building can unfold in just eight minutes – Tech News

Ten Fold Engineering, a UK-based housing startup, says it has created a $130,000 home that can pop-up in just a few minutes.

Ten Fold Engineering Treehouses 1020x610play Ten Fold Engineering Treehouses 1020×610

(Ten Fold Engineering)

Building a home or temporary shelter by hand can be both time-consuming and expensive.

Ten Fold Engineering, a housing startup based in the UK, has created self-deploying buildings that can pop up in a matter of eight minutes. Owners push a button, and the rooms fold out like an accordion using a counterbalance system.

The company claims that once a home folds out, its parts only need to be secured with an electric drill.

The buildings each measure approximately 689-square-feet, and could have a variety of uses, from medical clinics to offices to camping shelters.

If an owner want to move their building, they can push another button to fold it back up. The structures are also lightweight enough to be transported by truck, according to the company.

People can order one, starting at $129,330, by contacting Ten Fold through its site.

Check out how the technology works below (This home extends to about three times its original size):

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